The Green Almond    Vegetarian Bistro           TEL: 01323 734470

Not everything vegetarian is nuts!

Hi there

We would love to welcome you to our bistro. There are a few things it is useful to be aware of!

We are VERY small - comfortably seating 16 people; at a push 21.This means space is limited so be prepared to cosy up!

Being so small means we fill up very easily. To avoid disappointment it is essential to make a reservation, particularly if you are travelling, making special arrangements to meet friends or are in a large group.

In order to accommodate  as many customers as possible we offer sittings of  up to an hour and a half at lunch time ; some people  however are happy to eat and go!

As we are only open on a Friday and Saturday evening for dinner ,tables get booked up very quickly. We take  reservations quite a long way in advance so if you have a date in mind, give us a ring.

Our bathroom facilities are downstairs therefore unfortunately ,not wheelchair accessible and may be difficult for those with mobility issues.

Space is at a premium in The Green Almond so the largest group we can accommodate, sitting together is 8. Where possible, with groups of 5 or over we would ask that diners pre order their choices, which we can organise by email or phone.

It is really helpful to let us know when booking if you will have a pushchair or a wheelchair with you as we will need to ensure we leave enough access and space for you.

There is plenty of free parking around The green Almond HOWEVER on days when there is an event going on  (particularly during the summer months )  it can be very difficult to park nearby. It is worth allowing extra time to park on these days. There is a NCP car park at the far end of Compton St which is about a 10 minute walk to The Green Almond. The car park address is Trinity Place Eastbourne,BN21 3DA.

Finally, as a family business, we do need to take a break sometimes , and if we do, we have to close. PLEASE do ring to check that there are no planned closures especially if you are travelling or making a special effort to visit.( See planned closure page).

We hope this information is helpful and really do look forward to welcoming you to The Green Almond very soon.

Carmen and Andrew

*Gift vouchers available to buy in person during opening hours.