The Green Almond    Vegetarian Bistro           TEL: 01323 734470

Not everything vegetarian is nuts!

Thursday August 17th -  Sunday 20th August.

We will be closed at our usual lunch time sessions during this period, on the Thursday,Friday and Saturday ( we are never open on a Sunday).

We will be open as usual for dinner on the Friday and Saturday evenings - 18th and 19th August.

There will be 2 sittings ; either 6-8 pm  OR  8.30 pm. 

                                                                                        Friday and Saturday evenings in August

                                                                                                  To reserve – 01323 734470

Vegan or gluten free options are available but must be requested in advance.

£20.00 per head.


  1. Sweet potato and caraway seed falafel with a red pepper coulis.

(Vegan and Gluten.)


  1. Ajo blanco – almond and garlic soup (cold - like a white gazpachco ) with pickled cucumber.

(Gluten free- can be made vegan.)


  1. Sweetcorn pancake with griddled haloumi and an avocado, tomato and lime salsa. Served with courgette spaghetti and a rocket and pine nut salad.

(Gluten free – can be made vegan.)


  1. Watermelon and cashew nut stir fry with sesame rice. ( Contains sesame oil ,soy sauce and sweet chilli)

(Vegan and gluten free)


  1. White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake with a raspberry salsa.

(Gluten free. Can be made vegan.)


  1. Chilled rice pudding with cardamom and coconut topped with a fruit compot.

(Gluten free. Can be made vegan.)

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